Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Russian neo nazi beheading

In 2007, 2 migrants from russia were arrested by national socialists they were then driven 250 miles south west of moscow to an unknown area of the woods, I saw the video and both the migrants were hog tied, on their knees in the forrest, scared shitless, (wouldnt you be?) they spoke in heavely accented russian accents that they were "arrested" by national socialists, 4 seconds later a man in a black ski mask then shouted "SLAVA RUSSI" which in russian means "GLORY TO RUSSIA" they then proceeded to saw off the head of one of the migrants, i think his name was  shemile adomaneve. This was a publicity act in order to get tesak realeased from prison, tesak being a very popular skinhead in russia who has a rather creative side, he makes videos of not only skinheads beatin the living fuck out of immigrants but also interviewing them. the request was not granted and tesak remained in russian prison for another 3 years

My thoughts on this, Why cut someones head off in a fuckin forrest??? why dont you just do it at home, or why dont you save some time by just shooting him? now im not condoning this brutal act of violence but it makes me wonder what kind of sick people can cut a mans head off and not lose thier lunch. HELL when i disected a frog in grade 3 i puked all over the classroom and couldnt eat for days. And how the hell could ONE vid get a serious criminal out of prison, no bodies gunna watch some guy get his head cut off and say "alright tesak, they cut an immagrants head off and taped it, your free to go" doesnt make sense

I will add to this blog soon